Australia Immigration

Popularly known as the Land Down Under, Australia is a country with gorgeous landscapes and friendly people that has a robust economy. Wages in Australia tend to be at par or higher than most of the rich countries in the world. No wonder then that Australia is a hot destination for people wanting to settle down overseas.


An Australian Permanent Residency (PR) allows you to settle down in the country and apply for citizenship in a few years. It also gives you the legal right to work as well as study in the country. Most people start with a Permanent Residency and eventually end up settling down in Australia permanently with their families.

An Australian Permanent Residency also allows you to sponsor your family members for moving to Australia and settling there.

Are you ready to fulfill your dream of moving to Australia? Here are the important visa categories you should know about:

  • Skilled Independent Visa Sub Class 189

This is a points-based visa which is designed for people whose occupations are in extreme shortage in Australia. The Australian government publishes a list of desired occupations every year depending on requirements. If your occupation features on that list, you’re eligible to apply under this category.

  • State Sponsored Visa Sub Class 190

This is also a points-based visa which is designed for people whose occupations are in extreme shortage in the different states of Australia. Therefore, even if your occupation doesn’t feature on the national list, you’re eligible to apply under this category to one of the Australian states. Depending on your qualifications, an invitation will be issued to you to apply for this visa

  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Sub Class 489

Unlike the other visas, this visa is issued for a period of 4 years and can be extended. This is meant for people whose occupations fall under Sub Class 190 but are unable to meet all the necessary requirements. Applicants holding this visa are also eligible to apply for an Australian Permanent Residency.

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