You breathe a sigh of relief as you finally finish your last exam. Phew! As you await your results, has this question been lingering in your mind for quite some time now, “Why should I be thinking about studying abroad?” Succinctly put, just because it could be the most awesome experience of your lifetime! Not convinced? Maybe we can help you decide. Read on to know more.

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Leave Your Nest Behind!
It’s all about venturing beyond that comfort zone that you may be in and pushing your limits. Now is the right age for you to do that. As you fly out of your warm and comfy nest for the first time and out into the sky, you will learn to live your life as an independent individual. You will have to manage your own finances, your accommodation, and so much more, alongside your academics.

Quality Education!
It was recently found in a research, as per the Guardian Professional Networks, that Indian students strive for recognition on a global platform and feel strongly that the sole way to do that is through high quality education. It was found that 61% considered this to be a big deciding factor on why they chose to study abroad. Three most important factors that Indian students considered for deciding the quality of the education were: the educational institution and its reputation; the program, its content quality, and its professors; the value it would add.

If you study abroad, you will have a chance to select from a range of subjects and streams and have access to top-notch facilities, which (let’s face it) may not be available back home to the same extent as it is abroad. Popular options among Indian students at the graduate level are business and STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.

Global Networking!
You will learn how to mingle and socialize much better after your study abroad experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet native students of the destination country you are going to, but also international students from numerous countries. You will have a global network of friends.
Seeing the World Differently!
Studying abroad will introduce you to a range of different cultures and languages. Cultural differences you may face are more than just differences in food, language, or appearances. Culture reflects on deep perceptions, values, and beliefs of the people. Getting used to a foreign culture will develop you overall as an individual, as you understand how different people across the globe view the world in different ways.

Falling Rupee Taking You Down?
You shouldn’t let the weakening rupee cost you your dreams. As per the ACCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) Report of June 2013, “Although the fall in the rupee seems to have shaken the aspiration of (Indian) students willing to study abroad, it has not shattered their dreams altogether.” Given the current fluctuation in currency, you may need to shell out 3-4 lacks more than you planned, but don’t fail to realize that you are making a long-term investment. Once you are employed, you will get your return on investment. If you need to send money home, with the current rupee value, your family will gain abundantly.

No More Loan Problems!
You will be delighted to hear that currently, banks have introduced top-up schemes for the educational loans they offer in order to fill the gap caused by the exchange rate fluctuation. In case you have a family member or a relative in your destination country, you can also find out how to make arrangements to acquire a loan from a local bank as the interest rates would be much lower than they are back home. It will give you the opportunity to repay your educational loan in the same foreign currency, as soon as you gain employment in the country.

Most Universities offer study options that are research informed and highly relevant to current industry expectations and standards. Many of them also run career support services for students during their study and even for their alumni. You will be offered assistance on various aspects such as resume writing, interviewing skills, and job-searching through career fairs. You will emerge employment ready on graduation. Many Universities have connections within the industry and can help you find employment at the right time and even help you intern during your studies, for added experience as well.
You are more marketable to potential employers after your study abroad experience. Your student experience will be valued as much as your academic grades and your qualification. If you sell yourself right, you can make the employer see that the skills and knowledge you acquired while studying abroad are transferable into the working world. Studying abroad can work wonders to your resume once you put your experience to paper!
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